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Web Interface

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Accessible on a PC, iMac, tablet or smart phone.

Windows Explorer®, Apple Safari®, Mozilla Firefox®, Google Chrome® .

Download data to Microsoft Excel® or view in Google Earth®.

Analyse data using Movebank®


Accessing Data

  • Click on the "User Login" on the top right hand side of our home page.
  • Insert Username and Password - these will be sent to you when you purchase collars.
  • The dashboard will then load. Your working units will then be visible.
  • From there you can view the last recorded data, download all data collected since deployment or a specific window of data, and interogate the tag to get information about battery levels, satellite numbers, HDoP and accuracy.  
  • Detailed information re data in buffer and data in archive can also be interrogated.
  • Data can be downladed as a Google Earth KML file, or a MicroSoft Excel CSV File.
  • Data can then be entered into MoveBank for analysis.
  • And that’s it - simple really!


And remember:  

  • Up to half a million locations can be stored on board.
  • Geofence available as standard and can be set up and if animal goes outside geofence an alarm will be sent to your mobile number.
  • Mortality sensor is fitted as standard and if an animal dies an alarm will be sent to your mobile number.
  • Head up and Head down data is included as standard.  
  • All collars fitted with a tracking beacon as standard.  Beacon can be turned on or off from our website.  Last known location always transmitted via tracking beacon.


User Manual

If you are a client of GPS Collars AS, or even if you are just browsing, you can download the user manual by clicking the link below.  

Download User manual