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E-Track-Pro Hunting Dog Collar

E-Track-Pro Hunting Dog Collar

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GPS Collars AS and EasyHunt AB of Sweden.

In 2019, EasyHunt AB contracted GPS Collars to design from scratch a hunting dog collar. Over the next 12 months, the collar was designed and built and 300 units were delivered in August 2020. It was essential that the collars would provide 5 second by 5 second tracking across all habitats and with BARK! detection for 48 hours - essentially a hunting week of 6 days with 8 hours hunting in each day. The hunter had to be able to call the dog and listen to what was happening.  The product was IP68 rated and could be immersed in water to 1m for 30 mintues. Operating temperature -20 to +40 degrees Celcius.

The original order was for 300 units, but with an indicative number of 500-1000 units per year. 8000 hunters were using the EasyHunt APP and this was a realistic annual sales target.

However, in 2022, Garmin Inc of the USA purchased EasyHunt AB and Garmin stopped marketing and seling the E-Track Pro, instead promoting their own in-house built products. This was extremely disapointing. There was no other comparable product on the market.

The features and specification of E-Track Pro are outined below.

If you requrie a designed product, the team at GPS Collars would be delighted to hear from you.


Standard Features

Designed to work in areas with poor GSM reception. The eTrack has a built-in SIM card which works everywhere across the world. The tracker automatically chooses the mobile network with the best coverage.

"BARK!"  Unit comes with bark detection as standard. Call in to listen to your dog.

5 second update... location data, track and speed of dog uploaded every 5 seconds - real time tracking to the EasyHunt App on your smart phone.  Additionally, when the dog turns, data uploaded every second.

Battery life:  48 hours but can be extended to several weeks with less frequent GPS/GSM upload.

Charging: Full induction charging within 6 hours. a 230/240V battery charger is included.

Protection: IP68 - Waterproof to 1m for 30 minutes

Collar weight: 240g including orange reflective collar

Size: 110 x 35 x 45 mm.

On/Off Switch.

Battery fuel guage, GPS & GSM Status via LEDs on unit and via EasyHunt APP.

Dog's position, trail, speed and direction are shown in the EasyHunt APP.  It also displays your local map and on it is displays your position and any other member of your hunting team, familly or colleagues.  Historic trails can also be viewed on the EasyHunt home page.

Topographic maps with property boundaries are included for Sweden, Norway and Finland. For other countries a satellite map is available.

Allows every member of your team, familly or colleagues to track your dog and other persons and dogs in same group.

Physical Description

Harness:  extra long length for any size of dog.  

Harness:  high visibilty orange with a highly relfective strip running its length.

Collar weight: 240g including extended collar.

Size: 110 x 35 x 45 mm.

Protection: IP68  - Waterproof to 1m for 30 minutes


uBlox GPS receiver: most up to date receiver speciliased for wildlife tracking

Quad and Penta band mobile phone engine: Works in every corner of the world where GSM services are available.


Up to 512k locations; essentially no limit. Data never lost from unit. Data transmitted in real time for immediate visibility and later download.

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