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Preventing Reindeer Train Collisions

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Numerous reindeer are killed on the railways in Norway by trains unable to stop in time. Some incidents involve tens of animals and make international headlines (New York Times and The Guardian). The situation is compounded by the fact that the reindeer killed belong to Sami reindeer herders who have the right to freely graze their reindeer. In effect the reindeer are semi-wild.

GPS Collars AS is working with Naturerestauring AS to develop a GPS collar solution for Bane NOR (Norwegian state owned company for railway infrastructure) to warn approaching trains of reindeer ahead and on the line. By combining complex GPS, GSM, UHF radio beacon and Geo-Fence solutions with a narrow angle and wide angle RF receiver on the train and track, Bane NOR can be warned of the potential collisions and take avoidance action. Trials are starting this spring and will continue for the next year.

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