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MicroTraX BioLoc GPS and UHF tag 10g & 26g

MicroTraX BioLoc GPS and UHF tag 10g & 26g

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MicroTraX BioLoc GPS and UHF tag 10g & 26g

Tags include GPS, memory, programmable 3D accelerometers, temperature and UHF link.  See table below for the full availabiliyt.  GPS accuracy is also programmable and 2m is acheivable in open sky area. Transmitters operate from -20°C to +60°C. 

Radio link has been field tested to remotely connect with transmitters from 1 km to 136 kms to program, to reprogram or to download data with the BioLoc base station. Up to 240 tags can communcate simultanesouly through the radio link.

Each tag/collar is fully programmable at production or by the scientist.  Communication with tags can be done with our "USB Performance" which plugs directly into a  laptop by using our software BioLoc Tx.  All the software is included for the scientist to easily programme and download data.   

Available as tags, back-pack, collar, ear-tag, tape or  "glue-on's".  Tags can be made into a collar as well. 





Weight      XYZ

10g 30x10x8mm 

26g 50x26x15mm 


434 MHz

434 MHz





Temp & Battery

Temp & Battery


 600 Fixes

 3000 Fixes 

BioLoc Base Station Receiver

BioLoc RX    


BioLoc RX    


Retrieving data via the Radio Link: The tags send their data via the radio link every 30 minutes. Up to 240 tags can be listened to simultaneously.

Immersion tested to 2m and is currently being tested to 5m.

Tags deliverd "On".  This can be changed by the USB Performance.

Parameters such as GPS Time to aquisition, HDOP, Timeout, Number of Satellites can be changed by the USB Performance.

Battery life:  For the 10g tag with a memory of 600 locations, it will last 60 days with 10 locations per day.  It will last 200 days if 3 locations are taken each day. The 26g tag with a memory of 3000 locaions will last 300 days if 10 locations are taken each day and 600 days if 5 locaions are taken each day.  And so on....  The only exception is with the solar tag where the life is unlimiited.   All calculations assume that the time to aquire a location will take 60 seconds.  In an environment with a good view to the sky this time wil be less but by contrast in an environment where the view to the sky is compromised this can be more time.  Time between fixes uses virtualy no power.  

Refurb: Unfortunately these tags cannot be returned for refurbishment - once used, that is the end of their life.

Availability: Now.

Delivery: 6-8 weeks.

Payment: On order.

Payment: By wire or bank transfer.

Currency: Norwegian Kroner, US Dollars or Euros.



BioLoc RX Radio Station.

Data collected from up to 146 tags via the BioLoc RX Base Station which is completely autonomous.  The system is solar powered and is fully :
  • Automatic
  • Easy to deploy
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • Energy self-sufficient
The communication range can reach up to 50 kms. This base station has an internal GPS, bluethooth to connect to a laptop and GSM to connects to mobile cellphone service to send data via email. The GPS format is programmable and compatible on Google Earth and Google Maps. This system can communicate with up to 146 transmitters simultaneously. Each BioLoc RX base station is delivered with omni-directional antennas. If you want more range and you have less than 120° communication’s angle, we could provide specific antennas.  NOTE: Base Station only allows data download from tags.

BioLoc USB Key Lite 

The USB Key plugged into a laptop allows you the opportunity to communicate with all BioLoc transmitters in the field to download data, reprogram transmitters, switch on some options, update new firmware and/or activate the “Rescue mode” in case of mortality. The software is pre-loaded onto the BioLoc USB.

The BioLoc USB has been developped for short range communication up to 1 km Line of Sight.  Tag shcedules can be changed using the USB Key Lite.

BioLoc USB Performance 

An addition to the RX Radio Station which allows conection to transmitter over a range of 136km. Tag schedules can be changed using the USB Performance

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