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Real Time GPS Tracking with real time Satellite Phone (Globalstar) connectivity.

Real Time GPS Tracking with real time Satellite Phone (Globalstar) connectivity.

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SatPhoneTraX: GPS Collar with data download and septup using the Globalstar platform Low Earth Orbit  satellite phone constallation. World-wide connectivity. Weight from 325g (6oz).

Additionally, data download from tag can also be completed via VHF and UHF Receiver and Antenna. Range of download 1km with 360º dipole antenna and up to 8km with yagi antenna. 

  • Low Cost Satellite Air-Time; Real Time Data from the field to www
  • GPS Logging, Capacity of 50,000+ locations
  • Programmable Duty Cycles For GPS Logging and Transmit Functions
  • Collars Can Be Equipped with Independent VHF Unit for Conventional Tracking and Recovery; Mortality Sensor Available
  • Collars Can Be Equipped with Microprocessor Controlled Drop-Off Mechanism for easy recovery
  • Tracking Data and Mapping Functions available at
  • Collars Custom Fit for your Applications, Various Sizes and Configurations Available, Including Internal Padding
  • TXer Housings Available in Low Profile Configurations to Reduce Abrasion
  • No External Antennas to get Chewed Off
  • Web Based Data Secure and Password Protected
  • Secure Customer Web Page Provides Seamless Data Fusion and Display on Google Earth™
  • Coverage Map for Globalstar Service with New Ground Stations; virtually global coverage
  • Globalstar Tracking System Includes a ‘Non Moving’ Alarm and Geo Fence Alarm.


C-Cell Collar

  • Housing and Harware: 325g
  • VHF 30-55g
  • Drop-off 40-114g

D-Cell Collar

  • Housing and Hardware: 625 grams (Standard GPS antenna), 555 grams (Micro GPS antenna)
  • Peripherals: VHF 30-55 grams (smaller available)
  • Drop-off Mechanism: 78-114 grams
  • Collar Average Weight Range: 725 grams (24u201d Collar) to 1005 grams (36u201d collar, no peripherals)


Availability: Now.

Delivery: 6-8 weeks.

Payment: On order.

Payment: By wire or bank transfer.

Currency: Norwegian Kroner, US Dollars or Euros.

Specification Details:

GPS GLONASS and Gallileo

Accuracy 2-5m

No external antennas

Battery powered

Lithium Batteries

Operating Temp.: -40°C to +50°C

Chipset: UBlox

Comms: SatPhone Real time connectivity using the Globalstar platform Low Earth Orbit satellite phone constallation.

Made in USA

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