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FLiteTraX Phoenix Sat-Phone 18-90g

FLiteTraX Phoenix Sat-Phone 18-90g

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FliteTraX (SatPhone): Solar GPS Backpack GPS Tag with data download and septup using the Globalstar platform Low Earth Orbit  satellite phone constallation. World-wide connectivity. Weight from 18g (0.7 oz)   

  • GPS data (<5m accuracy) collected from every 15 minutes. 
  • Battery life of solar tag - indefinite.
  • Setup and data download using the Globalstar platform Low Earth Orbit  satellite phone constallation.  Data upload in near real time.
  • Data includes Lat, Long, Alt, Temp, HDoP, No Satellites.
  • Data not downloaded is stored on board.  Up to 300,000 locations can be stored.  Data is only deleted when given a command to be deleted.
  • Geo-fence, activity and mortality alarm enabled.


Availability: Now.

Delivery: 6-8 weeks.

Payment: On order.

Payment: By wire or bank transfer.

Currency: Norwegian Kroner, US Dollars or Euros.

Specification Details:

GPS Glonass and Gallileo

Accuracy 2-5m

No external antennas

LI-Polymer Batteries

Operating Temp.: -40°C to +50°C

Chipset: UBlox

Comms: Globalstar platform of Low Earth Orbit satellite phone constallation

23g 55mm x 29mm x 18mm

28g  61mm x 29mm x 20mm

40g  66mm x 33mm x 24mm

110g 80mm x 35mm x 33mm

Made in USA


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