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GPS Dog Tracker

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38g* eTrack Mini

148g* eTrack Pro

GPS Collars AS (Norway) and EasyHunt AB (Sweden) have been working together since early 2019 to bring to the market the eTrack Pro GPS dog tracking collar.  This collar has been developed out of our range of wildlife collars and security guarding products.  eTrack Pro was extensively field tested during the 2019/20 winter/spring hunting season in Sweden and then launched in Sweden and Norway in August 2020.  eTrack Mini has been sold by EasyHunt for the last 5 years.  eTrack Mini and eTrack Pro represent a complete tracking package for dog owners.  eTrack Mini is lightweight and simple to use while the eTrack Pro is packed with features including 5s x 5s tracking (1s when dog cornering), 48hr battery life, induction charging and Bark! - the collars tell you when the dog is barking!  

Both collars provide GPS trail information (position, track and speed) of your dog which is then uploaded in real time to the EasyHunt APP on your smartphone and to the website to download later.  Unlimited range via IoT SIMS across all mobile phone networks allowing reception in very poor cell phone areas.  * not including harness.

GPS Collars is the authorised reseller of EasyHunt GPS dog trackers in the UK, North and South America and Australasia.  Sales of the collars in the EU are handled directly by EasyHunt in Sweden.


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