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RadioTraX Collar or Tag

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Battery GPS Radio Collar or Solar GPS Radio Tag with integrated radio transceiver to upload settings and download data via WASP Digital UHF Radio Transceiver. Available in two options....

1. Battery GPS Radio collar (125g-600g); or 

2. Solar GPS Radio tag (23-28g). Solar tag fitted to animal's ear or fitted to collar on animal's neck.

Data download from collar or tag and setup via WASP Radio (UHF) Receiver and Antenna. Range of download 1km with 360º dipole antenna and up to 8km with yagi antenna.

  • GPS data (<5m) on collar from every 2 minutes.
  • GPS data (<5m) on solar tag from every 2 minutes but dependent on solar gain.
  • Battery life of collar - 6 months to 3 years dependent on battery pack and on schedule.
  • Battery life of solar tag - indefinite. 
  • Data can also be download from the tag using the WASP Radio (UHF) Receiver and Antenna. Range of download with dipole 360º antenna 1km, with directional yagi up to 8km.
  • Setup via Wasp Radio (UHF) Receiver (mobile phone access required).
  • Battery collar and solar tag also transmit last known location via the UHF radio ping (transmitted every 20 seconds) which can be picked up by Wasp Receiver.
  • Data includes Lat, Long, Alt, Temp, HDoP, No Satellites. 
  • 300,000 data points can be stored on board.
  • Once downloaded the data is then deleted.
  • Geo-fence and mortality alarm enabled.
  • Can be combined with CellTrax or EarTraX as part of a mesh network (see Mesh Network). 

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