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MESH Network

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Why not combine many RadioTraX with a limited number of CellTraX GSM collars or Solar EarTraX GSM tags?

For example, in a herd of 100 animals, ten animals could be fitted with CellTraX or EarTraX (known as the “Queen Bees”) and the remaining 90 can be fitted with RadioTraX tags or collars (known as the “Worker Bees”).  

Each collar/tag would be on their own schedule, but when the CellTraX/EarTrax turn on they will listen for nearby RadioTraX tags.  If any RadioTraX tags are present their data will be uploaded to the CellTraX/EarTraX. The CellTraX/EarTraX will then upload their own data and any other data via the GSM Mobile/cell phone network through their embedded IoT M2M SIM.

All data would then be available though the user login web page.