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FLiteTraX MINI BLE & 4G/5G 5.1-6.3g

FLiteTraX MINI BLE & 4G/5G 5.1-6.3g

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FLiteTraX MINI is a very small GPS-Solar-ACC tracker that uses either INTELINK to transmit data directly via Bluetooth to mobile phone or to autonomous long range Bluetooth gateway, and uses either the 4G or 5G cell phone network to upload data directly to the cloud server.

Data upload MINI BLE Intelink

Transmission method: INTELINK based on Bluetooth 5.0

Maximum uplink/downlink speed: 1 Mbps/1 Mbps

Output power: 8 dBm

Transmission distance: 80~120m with ordinary smart phone; up to 1200m with Debut series gateway products.

Data upload MINI 4G or 5G

MINI 4G support the standard 4G roaming frequenices. 

MINI 5G supports both NB-IoT and LTE-M (or called eMTC) frequency bands. We will activate selected bands for devices to be used in different regions.

Maximum uplink/downlink data rate:5Mbps/10Mbps


Standard/Lite Version M1 Version
Housing PC Injection Moulding Nylon 3D-printing
Colour Light Brown WHite

-MINI 4G S 6.3g - 6.5g

-MINI 5G S 5.6g - 5.8g

MINI M1 4G 5.7g - 5.9g

MINI M1 5G 5.1g - 5.3g

LWD 20.6 x 20.6 x 11.5mm 20.5 x 18 x 10.5mm
Antenna External titatnium alloy with protetive coating
Battery 30 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery, with under-and-over-charging protection
Battery Life Over 300 GPS positions under optimal GPS satellite view at 5-minute interval
Solar Type GaAs solar unit (30% efficiency) with good performance under weak light
GPS Module

Precision: CEP(50%)5m

Maximum update rate: 10 Hz

Working Temp -10°C~60°C (good for cold winter as close to animal body)
Waterproof  IP 68 (The water-proof standard of the M1 version is 10cm underwater for 2 hours.)  
Firmware upgrade  Remotely via network, or instantly via BLE INTELINK  
Working Schedule Remotely via network, or instantly via INTELINK
Global Roaming Support
SMS Function Support on request
Data Storage

Logged data will be stored in memory if network is unavailable.

- Flash memory: 16 MB

- Regular data storage: 460 days at default setting (1h   GPS+1h ENV+10 min BHV)

- BOOST data storage: 280,000 pieces

- ACC data storage: 28,700 pieces



  • GPS: longitude, latitude, altitude, geoid height, course, GPS satellite quantity

  • ENV: light intensity, temperature, inner air pressure, voltage

  • BHV: ODBA (overall dynamic body acceleration)

  • ACC: x/y/z acceleration data at 25 Hz (by default)


User can choose from the following data collection modes, and specify the related parameters to suit the condition and objective of the study.

Regular Mode

  • GPS interval: 5 min ~1 day
  • ENV interval: 5 min ~1 day
  • ODBA interval: 10 min/30 min
  • ACC interval: 25 Hz, 3 seconds in every 10 min (by default)
  • Transmission interval: 5 min ~1 day
  • Above ranges can be set on webpage/App. If other settings are required, please contact us.

On-Time Mode

  • Transmission: Up to three times at fixed hours per day (such as 13:00/14:00/18:00)GPS/ENV/BHV:
  • Regular-interval model or on-time model follow each transmission

Sleep Mode

This mode is to save power by deactivating certain type of data collection for:

  • a certain period (from minutes to months)
  • a regular period each day (a maximum of 16 hours)

Raw Acceleration Data Collecting

Raw x/y/z acceleration data could be very useful for behavioral research, especially whenthe data can be combined with timestamps, GPS, environmental data, and the bird’s activityrhythm. However, the raw data can seldom be obtained due to its large size.

With INTELINK, the user can not only download the raw data from memory, but also obtain real-time raw acceleration data by connecting a mobile phone to MINI.


The BOOST function intelligently increases the frequency for data collection when certain conditions are met (good charging, fast movement, etc.).

The default setting is as below:

  • Frequency Optimization: GPS at every 10 minutes
  • Flight Detection: GPS at every 5 minutes

With BOOST, the device portrays detailed movement tracks and attempts more frequent data transmission without manual intervention, keeping long-term energy balance and avoiding the possibility of battery drain caused by radical settings during bad weather.

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