36.5g GPS/GSM/UHF Solar Ear Tag.
IoT SIM - Local and Roaming.
GSM data download & Setup 2G & 3G.
UHF Radio Download & Setup
Coded UHF Radio Tracking Beacon


36.5g GPS/GSM/UHF Solar Ear Tag.
IoT SIM - Local and Roaming.
GSM data download & Setup 2G & 3G.
UHF Radio Download & Setup
Coded UHF Radio Tracking Beacon

The test includes three months airtime and web access.
Limited to one test tag only.

EarTraX GPS/GSM/UHF Wildlife Telemetry Ear Tags contain many features that make them one of the most advanced wildlife telemetry GPS tags available to purchase at this moment in time.  At its simplest, the unit collects GPS data and then transmits that data to our servers and which is then available to view/download by you, either on a PC or smart phone. Additionally, data can be downloaded via a coded UHF telemetry link.

At the moment, EarTraX are programmable by staff at GPS Collars AS. GPS, GSM and UHF schedules, received data and diagnostics are all programmable.

Achieve near to real-time GPS monitoring of all your animals.  As a result, all EarTraX provided by GPS Collars AS are capable of tracking the fine-scale movements of a variety of animals through many different habitats. Furthermore, by taking advantage of the tag's flexible scheduling option, your study can be customised to your particular research needs.

Based on our field tested and proven design, you can collect up to 512,000 data records.

GPS Collars AS offers unlimited customer support and a full one year warranty on all of our equipment. When returned for a battery change, tags are fully serviced and an additional one year warranty is provided.

Physical (LxWxD)

36.5g and 69 x 43 x 12 mm

Expected Battery Life

Solar Powered with Indefinite life with hourly GPS and daily GSM transmit.


uBlox GPS receiver: most up to date rceiver speciliased for wildlife tracking

Quad and Penta band mobile phone engine: Works in every corner of the world where GSM services are available.

Coded UHF Beacon and Transmission: In USA 916MHz, Rest of World 863-870 MHz:  Last recorded GPS location always transmitted within UHF pulse. No need to triangulate. Full data download via UHF.


Up to 512k locations; essentially no limit. Data never lost from unit. Data transmitted to our servers and also stored on board for later download. See Tab re Download and Web Access for more information. 


The period of inactivtiy which could be interpreted as the death of an animal can be set to any time that is required. When triggered, a text is immediately sent to our servers which is then relayed on to you via email and also sent as a text your mobile phone. The UHF tracking beacon then transmits more frequently, transmitting the last known GPS location.


3D accelerometers record movement in each plane every time a location is recorded.  This data can indicate various movements of the animal.


Enter coordinates of your study area.  If the animal goes beyond that boundary an alert is sent to you via email and text.

SIM Card and Web Access

The embedded SIM card is mounted at manufacture and is a roaming IoT SIM card which will jump onto the best available provider in your area.  If the animal moves across countires, the SIM will jump onto a new servcie provider.   

The costs of data transfer using the embedded SIM card and web access is charged at 216 Euros per year.  THis cost is applicable to 90% of territories acorss the world.  For the remaining territories this fee will be greater and will be billed accoring to usage.  Please discuss your territory with staff at GPS Collars AS to determine you exact cost.

Transmission of GPS Location Data using GSM Connection

Data saved into Archive and the Transmitted upon request:  GPS Data to be stored into archive can be collected at rapid intervals - as frequently as once every 15 minutes.  Data is then stored until a download is requested from our servers. Data collected in this manner uses little power.

Data saved into Buffer and then Transmitted upn a GSM Schedule:  GPS Data is collected and stored into buffer ready to be sent upon next GSM connection.  This method of GPS collection is more power demanding. 

Both methods of data collection can occur simultaneously.  Archive data can be collected at 15 minute intervals for later upload upon request but every fourth location is then stored into Buffer for upload upon GSM schedule.

Data sent Immediately:  GPS Location Data is collected (stored into archive and buffer) and is sent immediately by SMS text. Sending data via SMS text in this manner will incur additional charges and is outside the scope of the monthly airtime costs. 

Transmission of GPS Location Data using UHF Beacon/Connection

Beacon: Every 4.3 seconds, the unit transmits a pulse from the UHF beacon - just like a standard VHF radio tag.  The unit can be tracked using the same triangulation methods used for tracking standard VHF tags.  However, the unit will also transmit the last recorded GPS location (Lat Long) which is displayed on the hand held receiver.    

UHF Comms: Every 10th pulse, the unit adopts a listening mode.  If in that time, the unit receives a message from the hand held receiver, then the unit will turn on and transmit all saved data in the archive.

Line of site the beacon and data download will work over 5km and in some cases up to 15-30km. 

Using the Web Interface

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