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Racoons with CellTraX 125g

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Species: Procyon Lotor Racoons.

Collar choice: CellTraX GPS/GSM/UHF 125g GPS Collar

Location: Florida USA

Institute: Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center, USA.


Project Description: CellTraX

Human activity has drastically changed the habitats and population dynamics of wildlife around the world. This study will investigate the effects of human activity on ecological flows of genes, individuals, and pathogens in human-dominated landscapes. Raccoons (Procyon lotor) will be used as a model species in South Florida.

Overall, we aim to understand raccoon population dynamics in South Florida and use this knowledge for ecosystem management of many species. Raccoons are a major predator of multiple endangered species and pose a number of concerns to public health and safety. They are very adaptable to urban environments, creating many potential conflicts when they invade homes or become pests on crops.

We will trap raccoons in humane, havahart traps, collect genetic samples, mark with a PIT tag, and release. Some raccoons will be fitted with GPS collars to track their daily movements and calculate home ranges and spacial overlap.

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