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FLiteTraX on White Headed Vulture

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Species: Trigonoceps occipitalis White Headed Vulture

Collar choice: FLiteTraX 56g 

Location: Mozambique

Institute: The Hawk Trust

Contact: Campbell Murn



Project Description: FLiteTraX 

The Hawk Trust attached  FLiteTraX wildlife telemetry tags to three White-headed Vultures at several locations in Southern Africa to assess their movements.  White-headed Vultures are almost completely restricted to protected areas and scientists do not know anything about the connectivity of populations between different areas. The protected area network in Africa is very fragmented and this has consequences for the conservation management of what appears to be a meta-population of White-headed Vultures. Understanding their movements also contributes to our understanding of the threats they face from various types of poisoning threat and also unsustainable harvesting for the trade in animal parts.

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